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Senior High School

Explore, grow, and prepare for life after high school

Distance Learning Academy students at the high school level receive similar academic programming as their peers attending physical high schools, but through a virtual environment. The high school programing focuses on core subject areas and graduation requirements. Not all elective classes (i.e., physical education, art, technology education, Advanced Placement, music, etc.) are offered, and some elective classes are modified in order to create virtual learning opportunities. 

Learning occurs through a blend of daily live virtual sessions, pre-recorded video tutorials, and independent learning activities. Students and teachers engage in learning through the use of Schoology. Learning activities are aligned to the academic standards for each subject area. The student schedule runs on an alternating block where students attend live sessions with their teachers scheduled that day and complete independent work for non-scheduled classes. Fridays are designated as an academic support day where students may be scheduled into academic interventions, be scheduled into specialized support services, have access to additional live course supports, and have independent learning activities for each course.

four senior high students posing by lockers

Sample Weekly Schedule

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